We are happy to present you "Forest Meditations" - the first deck of cards for independent forest bathing practice!
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“Forest Meditations” is an extraordinary and first of its kind kit for the independent practice of forest bathing.

It has been developed by certified Shinrin Yoku guides so that everyone can create their own individual, unique forest bathing session.

“Forest Meditations” cards will enhance your walk in nature, whether you live under a forest or near a city park. Treat yourself to a moment of deep relaxation and renew your bond with nature!

You can invite your whole family to share the experience (children will love discovering more illustrations and doing related activities).

Simply take your set, sit comfortably under a tree, take a few breaths and draw the first card…

The Forest Meditations cards are also intended as a tool for teachers, psychologists, coaches and anyone interested in working with symbols, metaphors and nature.

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The Forest Power Cards set includes:

Thirty-five beautifully illustrated cards (8cm x 12cm)
by Aleksandra Świder
A sturdy 80-page booklet with instructions for each card and suggestions for working with the set
A cotton bag to carry the cards and the booklet
Cotton Bag
All of these things are packed in an elegant box
Cardboard box

What are "Forest Meditations" Cards?

Are you curious about what forest bathing is? Do you love nature and want to diversify your forest walks? Do you want to deepen your relationship with nature? Without the use of a phone or other electronic gadgets? Or maybe you want to give an unusual, original gift to your loved one? If so, then "Forest Meditations" are for you!
Forest Power Cards "Forest Meditations" are a unique deck of cards for the independent practice of forest bathing, created by certified shinrin-yoku guides.
Each card will invite you to a different forest activity. They have been developed specifically to deepen your experience of being in nature and give you a well-deserved moment of relaxation. Forest bathing will relax your senses and nature will begin to heal your body and mind.
The "Forest Meditations" set contains 35 cards in size 8x12cm with beautiful illustrations by Aleksandra Świder and an 80-page booklet with instructions for each card.
Just take the set to the forest, park or your favorite green place. You can invite your whole family (children love discovering illustrations and related activities). Find a comfortable place, take a few breaths... and draw your first card! See what nature invites you to do.
We also included a cotton bag for transporting the cards and booklet. Thanks to this, your set will always be complete and ready for travel. The forest is calling!
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Shinrin-yoku (Japanese: 森林浴; forest bathing) is a health-promoting practice of interacting with nature that originated in Japan. It is based on mindful and slow walks, during which we perceive our surroundings with all our senses. The benefits of forest bathing are supported by a large body of scientific research into the effects of nature on human mental and physical health. Shinrin-yoku is a wonderful alternative to simply walking or trekking in the forest.

Each card invites you to do a different activity. Detailed instructions for each are included in the booklet that comes with the set. You can take the whole deck into the forest and draw a new card from time to time. Alternatively, you can prepare your favourite cards in advance and take them with you into the forest. Or you can share the cards with a friend. We have described several techniques for working with the set in the booklet. However, the only limit is your imagination – feel free to experiment and create your own favourite technique!

Developed by certified shinrin-yoku guides, the activities stimulate the senses and allow you to experience the forest from a different perspective.
Here is an example of how to use the card no. 33:

TIME SUGGESTED: 15 minutes
Take a slow walk around the area. The more varied the terrain, the better. There may be a spot you like more than the others and you may want to stay there longer. Think of it as your new woodland home. A place where you feel comfortable and happy. If you feel like changing it, decorating it – do it, but without harm to nature. Get to know this place by activating your senses. What are the predominant surfaces? Are there lots of plants? Or is there an anthill or an old fallen tree? What does the air smell like? Think about what it is about this place that makes you feel better than anywhere else in the forest.

Of course they are! They can use the cards alone, in pairs, or with the whole family. We have found that even pre-school children can enjoy forest bathing, sometimes with parental guidance, especially in case of more contemplative activities. It is also an excellent introduction to the world of mindfulness – and all that in close contact with nature!

For both the cards and the booklet, we have chosen a thicker, foiled cardboard. This means they are less likely to be exposed to moisture or dirt. The use of a spring-folded booklet is practical, and we have included a cotton bag to hold all the elements of the set – the cards and the booklet.

The idea and energy of each activity is fully reflected in the charming drawings created by the talented illustrator and tattoo artist Aleksandra Świder.

Join the forest bathing enthusiasts!

A word of appreciation to the creators and to the graphic designer. I am enveloped in a sensation of beauty and harmony that illuminates my soul.
~ Monika
I am really delighted!!! The cards have beautiful graphics that immediately hit my feeling- right in the heart:) The bag, the booklet - really helpful and practical. You can use them not only for forest bathing, but also for intuitive reading. I am glad that something as beautiful as these cards came into existence:)!
~ Marta
Beautiful artwork, very cool idea. For me it is a beautiful gift given out of love. I like to hold them, even when I don't go to the forest.
~ DerKater
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Give Yourself A Profound Shinrin-Yoku Experience

Are you curious about what forest bathing is? Do you love nature and want to diversify your forest walks? Do you want to deepen your relationship with nature? Without the use of a phone or other electronic gadgets? Or maybe you want to give an unusual, original gift to your loved one? If so, then "Forest Meditations" are for you!

Who are we?

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We are Joanna and Przemek Węgłowscy, certified shinrin-yoku guides.

We hold international certificates from the Forest Therapy Institute and the Forest Therapy Hub.
In 2020, out of love for nature, humanity, and ourselves, we created the Power of the Forest (Moc Lasu) project, under which we organize forest bathing sessions. Our mission is to promote this type of practice and advocate for it as a natural way of spending time in nature. We work with adults, children, teenagers, families, and seniors. Our original idea is forest bathing for couples. We collaborate with government offices, businesses, hotels, botanical gardens, and individual clients.

We are part of the Polish Forest Bathing Association.